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30% SALE !

Take 30% off the list price shown on our web site for any items.

This includes maps, books, globes, prints and instruments - EVERYTHING !

Minimum total purchase (one or more items) $100.


On sale during September 2015.  



For more information contact
Luke A Vavra
PO Box 2459, Chester, Virginia 23831 USA
Phone: (804) 748-9147

Rare maps, antique maps, antiquarian books, cartographic instruments, and prints.

The map collectors' source of collectible rare maps.

Cartographic Arts was founded in 1977 and offers for sale original rare maps, antique maps and naval charts, books about maps and mapmakers, and antiquarian atlases, bibles, gazettes, history and geography books. Located 15 miles south of Richmond VA, in the village of Chester VA. Cartographic Arts helps map collectors find the most sought after products of the work of cartographers over the centuries.

Although we offer a wide range of rare maps of Virginia, we pride ourselves on our global presence, offering antiquarian maps that cover most parts of the world and different eras. We also offer prints, globes and antique cartographic instruments related to navigation, surveying and map making. If you are interested in antique and rare maps from around the globe, look no further than Cartographic Arts.

We have in stock some of the finest rare maps in the United States, including works by eminent mapmakers and cartographers such as Ortelius, Blaeu, Speed, Mercator, Sanson, Châtelain, Harris, Jefferson, Keith, Ligon, Warren and Wheeler. Our stock is strongest in maps of America made prior to the American Civil War. With over thirty-five years in the antique map business, we are experts in America’s many contours, from the empty outlines of the 1500s to the fleshing-out of the West in fulfillment of "Manifest Destiny".

Maps are not only historical artifacts, they are also pieces of art, capturing the feelings of the mapmaker and era. When we look upon a map, we know the dreams of a people and how they felt about what they saw. See for yourself! Choose from the menu.

Our passion for cartography is obvious, and with good reason. Rare maps are self-improvement tools, inspiring us to travel, explore and record. Please browse through our collection and begin your journey.

You may place an order with Cartographic Arts by e-mail to: E-mail: by telephone to (804) 748-9147 or by mail to Cartographic Arts, PO Box 2459, Chester, VA 23831 USA. Please include a telephone number or e-mail address where we can contact you.

You may pay by American Express, MasterCard, Discover, or VISA or by a check in US dollars drawn on a US bank. All material is subject to prior sale. Except for obvious typographical errors, we honor prices listed for 30 days after your inquiry.

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